About Nexxus Cloud

Mission Statement

We will strive to be true partners with every client by working with them to identify their individual needs, formulate a technology strategy, assist in budget planning and ensure quality solutions that are current and stable.

Vision Statement

To build an organization that operates efficiently and effectively allowing us to provide maximum value to our clients and reward our staff members that make us who we are today.

Core Values

  • Strive to provide value in all aspects of our work
  • Accurate up-front evaluations and communication
  • Get it done right the first time
  • Respect through honesty
  • Use the most current solutions available
  • Learn from mistakes and spotlight success

Our Focus and Purpose

  • Sustaniable growth without stretching us or our client relations thin
  • Focus on clients that value technology as a company and help them achieve their goals
  • Provide an environment that challenges us to be better every day and pushes our business forward through education and creative thinking
  • Impact our community in a positive manner by educating our youth and contributing to the education system
  • Assist in training the next generation of technology experts to break the mold of the past and show you can be tech and personal at the same time

Who is Nexxus Cloud

We are a group of like-minded technology professionals that believe customer satisfaction is as much about relationships as it is technology. When you actually listen to your client and actively put yourself in their shoes you will find that the resolution to their issues, the future needs of the company and how to go about implementing technology to better their business comes much easier than just thinking you know what's best for them and pushing them in a direction you are comfortable with. Our group of talented technology experts prides its self on actively maintaining the pulse of where technology is growing and relating that to where its been, allowing us to see the path of focus which helps us guide you along in the most efficient manner possible. Most of our competitors only go with the experience of their in-house staff, limiting their scope and slowing their clients' growth but we actively watch for new revisions, solutions and procedures in the technology market and either train ourselves on it or make contact with someone that is well versed in it to see how we can bring it to market and allow you to benefit from it sooner than our competition would.

Much of what we see in the corporate technology market is the same solution either marketed creatively or worded in a way that makes it sound like something new but it usually is the same "managed service" platform that's been around for quite some time now. Our solutions are new, fresh and tailored to your needs as an individual business. We will work with you to identify areas that you may not have even known could benefit from technology by stepping into your shoes, watching how you and your employees work and driving solutions based on what we see inside of your walls, not the same cookie-cutter approach that forces you into one of a few "packages" offered.

We approach our solutions to be ever-evolving and alive, bringing in partners and new ways of thinking as much as we can to keep one of the most important aspects of your business fresh and lean, your IT infrastructure.

The "cloud" is an over-used marketing term that has really fallen short of what it truly is, which is basically everything connecting your business to the rest of the world, and everything that is in it (technology wise). Leveraging multiple technologies together to create a robust solution for your business, your technology plan, is the way you move forward. Instead of locking you into one solution for a few years, we keep our platforms open and liquid, allowing you to move to the next big thing when you want to, not when your contract is up or when you've finally recovered from that last huge IT rollout. We approach our solutions to be ever-evolving and alive, bringing in partners and new ways of thinking as much as we can to keep one of the most important aspects of your business fresh and lean, your IT infrastructure. We partner with phone, data and hardware vendors to marry communication and remote access to be like you were right there in the office while you are on the road or working from a remote location. We contract wire installers, corporate furniture companies and audio / video experts to make not only your desk but conference room, lobby or waiting room all flow as one workplace, allowing you to move about and tap into your network and ideas from anywhere inside of your building. We bring multiple location companies together and promote team cohesion by allowing you to work together as if you were sitting beside each other. If it turns on, plugs in, gets on the internet or needs access to your network, we help you plan for it.

Instead of having a large staff and static workforce, we utilize experts in their field to provide solutions to your needs all while we keep your overall goals and budget in-line with your wishes, which allows us to be more creative, more relevant and your business to be on the leading edge of technology, not two years behind. Cloud technology is beyond hosted exchange or hosted desktop, cloud technology is connecting everything you have with your vision of the future and making it all work together. We believe that building relationships with other like-minded technology businesses with proven track records of success if far better than trying to capture that last 15% of revenue we could gain by doing it with in-house staff. Our company focuses on solutions, not staff and we can show you that it works.