Windows 10 is Coming

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is on the way, expected to be released on July 29th 2015. Nexxus Cloud’s engineers have been using Windows 10 Beta since May and we love the changes to the user interface and it’s ability to plug directly into Office 365, Azure AD and other cloud services. Plus, for a short time, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 free of charge by signing up on their website. I’ve listed the link below.

Windows 10 What’s New

If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8, there isn’t much of a change for you. The look and feel is cleaned up and given a more graphical look on things like icons, buttons and menu titles. Windows 10 is going to be the operating system for all of Microsoft’s devices as well. So if you have a Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Tablet and / or Xbox, your experience will be the same on all of these devices. They have added more functionality with cloud apps like Office 365 and they are even incorporating your Xbox so you can stream games from your Xbox to your computer. The biggest features of the new Windows is the fact that it incorporates all of your Microsoft devices into one.

Windows 10 Start Menu

The start menu is one of the biggest features that they really fixed well. The Windows 8 start menu really left a lot to be desired, mainly because the live tiles were forcing you to either be in the new “Modern UI” or be on the “Desktop”. Windows 10 lets you run the new apps directly in a window on the desktop like any other application you have on your computer. As you see here, the start menu still has the live tiles but you can fully customize what you see and where they are laid out.

It gives you the familiar “quick launch” headings that Windows 7 had as well as being able to pin your every day, high access programs as a button on the start menu. You can also increase or decrease the size of the start menu.

I know a lot of people don’t like the live tiles but I really urge you to give them a try. With Windows 10 being the operating system on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone and Xbox, if you can get used to the live tiles and how to use them, your experience will be easily adapted across all your Microsoft devices.

Windows 10 and Office 365

Microsoft has taken Office 365 the rest of the way with Windows 10. Full integration among all your Windows Devices with Office 365 is easy with Windows 10 and works great. We have been testing all the features of Windows 10 with Office 365 since we first installed the beta versions of Windows 10 and all I can say is wow.

Windows 10 Cortana

What is Cortana? Not what—who. Cortana is your clever new personal assistant, and she can search the web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calendar, change events, set reminders and answer questions —even tell you jokes. You just speak naturally or type your request in the search box.

The more Cortana helps you, the more she learns about you and the better she gets at helping you. To get started with Cortana, you just type a question in the search box on the task bar or select the microphone icon and talk to her. (Typing works for all types of PCs, but you need a mic to talk.)

Cortana's Notebook and settings is where she keeps track of what you like and what you want her to do. Use it to inform Cortana about your interests, favorite places, and the "quiet hours" when you don’t want to be disturbed. You can adjust battery, speech, search and other settings, including the ones for Facebook. Cortana can give you a more personalized level of service based on info from your Facebook account. Of course, you can turn that feature off, or turn Cortana off altogether.

Final Thoughts on Windows 10

Microsoft is making a huge push to integrate all devices that run windows to one user friendly interface. They are really taking what the community is asking for and adding it to Windows 10. They are even giving away free upgrades / full versions. In all, the beta experience has been awesome and other than some basic things that needed to be fixed (the same with all beta versions, your participation in a beta is to assist them in fixing issues) the OS ran great from day one.

I love the new start menu in Windows 10. I love the fact that they added more management functionality to Windows 10 through the Office 365 interface making it easier for smaller businesses that don’t need a server on-site the added management ability like having active directory locally. I love the fact that they are making it plug directly into the Xbox One and allowing you to record and play some games on your Windows 10 devices like phone, tablet and PC from your Xbox. And last but not least, I love the fact that they are giving away the software to expose people that normally wouldn’t upgrade no excuse to be on the newest version of Windows.

The security is better, the UI is better and the management is better. All in all, the new version is not so different that you will need to re-learn how to use a computer but different enough to fix some past issues Windows 8 and Windows 7 had.

Get Windows 10 For Free

This is a limited time offer from Microsoft, so take advantage of it. When the offer is gone, it’s gone. Nexxus Cloud is not responsible for any part of this offer and we can not get you a free version after Microsoft has removed the program.

Get Windows 10